The Celestial Pair
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Dramatis personæ
Sola Sola

The Daughter of the Brotherhood of the Sun chosen at birth to be the next Sun Child. Sola has been raised from infancy to be the righteous arm of order. An infallible optimist with unshakeable faith and unwavering sense of justice. Sola is endowed with superhuman strength, invulnerability, and the power of flight.

The Son of the Sisterhood of the Moon chosen to be the counterbalance to Sola as the Moon Child. Lune is gifted with the ability to commune with nature and all living creatures. However, because Lune has been discovered eight years late, his training is still incomplete. The union between this celestial pair is considered the weakest ever forged.
The Curtain Weavers
Cast of Characters

An aspiring playwright who tends to drift off into daydreams a lot. Whenever he's home from public school, Daniel enjoys the company of Melanie whose literary opinions he highly treasures. Daniel considers Melanie as his only true friend despite the fact that she often treats him with indifference.

Melanie dreams of being a children's writer. However, for reasons only known to her, she has never truly tried her hand at writing. Home-schooled as well as a voracious reader, Melanie spends most of her free time helping Daniel write his fantasy plays. She is prone to sudden mood swings.

Melanie's fraternal twin. Although older only by a few minutes, Michael considers Melanie as his little sister and is deeply concerned of her well being. Blessed with a sunny disposition and a genuine interest in people, Michael has no shortage of friends. Michael considers Melanie's needs greater than his own and would go to great lengths to make her happy.

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