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New readers beware! You are about to set foot into a world of myths and magic, of teller of tales and taleweavers, of signs of great fortune and woeful disaster. But fear not, like all stories, the best place to start is always at the BEGINNING -- where the water is shallow and the storm is still in the horizon.

>> NEWS UPDATE<< February 18 , 2013

1. Well things didn't go quite as planned it seems. In fact, things never go as planned ever. But things look normal again (if said things can be such). Anyhow, those who follow my twitter are probably aware of what kept me a bit occupied in the last month. I somehow got hired to do some art for an upcoming sci-fi board game called Hegemonic. I did 12 full-color character portraits. But that doesn't matter of course. The real question is whether there will be a BMA update next week. And the answer is 100% yes.

Looking for a By Moon Alone forum to share your speculations? Someone started a BMA discussion thread at tvtropes! Just remember, it's not official and unmoderated so proceed with caution!

3. Fellow conspirator Madeleine Rosca of Hollow Fields fame is up to something again! Head over to her blog to see a preview of her upcoming webcomic project!

4. Follow By Moon Alone at Twitter for the latest news and head over to my blog for my untamed views!


She had heard of the story and many others like it. The sun-baked people of Clayworken spoke of their guardian, the Celestial of Dust, with such pride and fresh familiarity that one could almost believe that the great protector (always draped in her whirlwind of red earth) still walked among them. This country of sand and sun is no different it seems. In their eyes the Celestial of Tides is a champion of justice and honor. But in her eyes he is anything but...

-February 25, 2013



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